Salons – a preliminary introduction

The above layout and the whole Anna-Lindh-Salon site are presently under design. Please check further salons and how we move-on.

1st Salon:    COMBATANTS FOR PEACE (Anna-Lindh-Salon-1) as part of  Mittelmeer vor Ort.

The 2nd Salon is planned June 17-24, 2011 around this event (UNESCO). Invited is Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui (Profile)


The Open Forum has facilitated several culture-creative salons. As we remember the work of Christoph Schlingensief these days (DIALOG in the CIRCUS and CHANCE 2000wir lernen sprechen, more impressions on the open-forum site also here, incl articles) WE STRONGLY RECOMMED this 90 second clip:

with gratitude to Whiteflag Music and entrepreneurship TV:


from entrepreneurship on Vimeo.


The Anna-Lindh-Salon

in the heart of Berlin will be organised as an informal, in part self-organizing gathering, a roundtable bringing together regional ALF-Members with the broader public, but also invited impuls-presentations by guests, preferably ALF members from the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The Anna-Lindh-Salon is a regular event taking place in unique cultural venues keeping in mind the rich intercultural co-existence in Berlin, initiated by ALF members Positive Nett-Works (PNW) and go40.

The Series of Events will be kicked-off with the farewell of the ALF member “Combatants for Peace” visiting Berlin in May 2011 in the CASALOT diwan. See “ambiente

For more than 10 years, PNW’s project OPEN-FORUM has facilitated cultural-creative events, in areas such as: intercultural and interreligious dialogue, environmental education, social cohesion and peace, art and performing arts. A collection of reports can be found at

ONE OPTION matching the special focus on DIALOG AND CITIZENSHIP under consideration:

The next event is planned for end of June presenting a special guest from the ALF member in Nikosia, Future Worlds Center (FWC: for which we ask for financial support. Our first choice candidate is the director and founder of the Yiannis Laoris as he is fluent in German.


Relevance of the invitation of GlobalAgoras representatives from Crete or Cyprus !!

for an event as part of the ALF Initiative: Believe in Dialogue, Act for Citizenship:

This event „Exchanging practices on Participation and Democracy“ features the work of the Future Worlds Center, an ALF member in Nikosia, which offers a good example of successful deliberation and participation processes, migration and cohesion projects, and the need for multi-track diplomacy.

The FWC has initiated the ARAB-PALESTINIAN PEACE DIALOGUES and the peace process involving the requisite variety of stakeholders as done in the project of CYPRIOT-GREEK peace negotiations in 2010 (this has been selected already by ALF in the AGORA-MEDINA selection process for the Barcelona event in 2010.)

It also features LEARNING AT HOME, which highlights the “Mittelmeer vor Ort” German ALF collaborative effort. This includes learning from abroad and within the region by the various actors and agents from various levels and sectors.

The topic of social system design, community building, and social cohesion is close to the salon initiators as they work in dialog and deliberation processes for the past 15 years.  See some references on dialogue design, deliberation, participation and moderation processes and projects:

Further salon or diwan events in various locations are presently “under design”.

For updates, pls. come back !

Meanwhile, Maybe enjoy & check-out these activities:

Actions for Dialogue 10001 Seeds of Change 100001 diversities

as covered here these days …  -

do not miss if you dig deeper to check for the common house or what we called oikos – ecumene – ecudomy – not only ECONOMY !!

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