Report: Combatants for Peace, Salon no. 1, May 2011


Anna-Lindh-Salon-1 - Visit Combatants of Peace

Anna-Lindh-Salon – a place to meet, learn, bridge and chill- out  !!  REPORT

This time at the Casalot in Berlin after a long trip of the Combatants of Peace visiting Germany.

May 13-15, 2011 we had the fare-well and chill-out of the Combatants for Peace vitit in Germany as part of the Anna-Lindh-Network series of events called: “Mittelmeer vor Ort”.

We decided to learn to know each other – guests from Berlin and the travelling Combatants by doing a very condensed “Magic-Roundtable” to learn about who is at the table and introduce to give presents if chocolate to indicate an interest to speak with that person, learn about their projects and maybe already ask a first question by giving away speaking time. It was not a real Anna-Lindh-Salon which we intend to do for a longer period like at least one hour to allow sharing, encouraging, deliberations, real dialogue and encounters, but nevertheless a good start and appetizer for the series of Salon events we are considering more regularly in Berlin and elsewhere in co-operation with members of the Anna-Lindh German Network.

As all were tired and hungry to decided continue the next couple of days and go to the Arab cuisine soon after being greeted by the owner and cook.

Here are some impressions of our roundtable, the intense exchanges and the chill-out after 10 days of travels in Germany, Kiel, Berlin, Kreisau, Weimar, Buchenwald, Berlin.

Maybe check with Anke and Katrin  from Radius of Art to get contacts, ask questions and make links.


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