Invitation: Salon-Series * MOKHTAR YAHYAOUI * June 17-24, BERLIN


Our  2nd Salon, indeed rather a series of salons, is taking place June 17-24 with a special guest from Tunis, Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui. He ranks among the best known people in Tunesia – not only for his prominent dissident past but for his outstanding reputation and consultative and active role in the current, historic re-design, reform and innovation of the nation.

During the regime of Ben Ali, Mokhtar Yahyaoui was persecuted for exercising fundamental rights of expression, and assembly. The regime went even further by banning him from leaving the country, and suspending him from work.


Mr. Yahyaoui can share about the processes in drafting the constitution, the political landscape, perspectives from different parts of the country and social strata, historic dimensions as well as needs and potentials in the spheres of economy, education, civil society and more.


This is the official annoncement by the German Anna-Lindh-Network in the context of the Anna-Lindh-Foundation Alexandria travel support as part of: „Believe in Dialogue – Act for Citizenship“.

INVITATION – His Mini-Trip was arranged on short notice possible with Financial Travel Support from the Anna-Lindh Foundation.


More about Mokhtar Yahyaoui:

“May 20, 2011 Interim Prime Minister Béji Caid Essebsi received, on Friday in Tunis, Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui, who voiced satisfaction at the content of the talk and Government’s resolve to hold elections on the agreed-upon date. Mr. Yahyaoui said that keeping date of the elections

Mokhtar Yahaoui is a founding member and President of the Tunisian Center for the Independence of Justice (CTI J). Yahaoui is considered as an independent human rights militant, and is also a founding member of The International Association for the Support of Political Prisoners (IASPP). Tunisia Livewould ensure the country's sought-after stability. The talk with the Prime Minister had been an occasion to exchange views on the situation of justice in the country and the problems it faces, pointing out "that they (these issues) are on the verge of being settled."

His excellent international standing, knowledge and insights make Mr. Yahyaoui an expert on international relations, too. Not only for Tunisian relations in particular, but also for western-arab relations in general.

Mokthtar’s sober and unwavered stand for libertarian ideas and integrity, the welfare of the individual and the people, have gained him trust among young people for his integrity, thus a valuable link between generations and for nurturing sound action among a dynamic young generation impatient with many of the processes of transition. You can listen to Mokhtar’s radio interview at SHEMS FM.

Mr Mokhtar Yahyaoui était l'invité de Binetna à SHEMS FM le 5 avril 2011. Ensemble nous avons discuté de son parcours, de sa carrière et de tous les obstacles qu'il a rencontrés après la lettre ouverte adressé au président déchu en 2001.

His Berlin visit addresses exchange about the Tunisian situation, but focusses on practical relations and robust steps for a future that addresses the people’s needs and harnesses the country’s potentials in the wisest, most efficient and at the same time most progressive ways – with proven models of sustainable business approaches.

Tunisia has many yet untapped treasures – from natural resources to solar energy, building on participatory culture deeply rooted within the people, especially in the villages and towns, consequently, also regional economies, cycle models and more. Mokhtar’s  interest lies in establishing relations for development of civil society structures, progressisve education models, development support, but also investment in business opportunities, medium and large scale, as well as – the best that the world of social entrepreneurship, social business and new development have to offer.


We will also remember the 10th Anniversary of maybe the most critical letter he wrote in is life on July 6, 2001  to his president Ben Ali   ….. and see what it has to do with the Elections in Tunesia this autumn…. See  High Commission and latest news here.  See also his  Chatham House presentation from London 4 weeks ago. Profile/Article in French (PDF)


Hunger Strike with several colleagues in October 2005. Visited by Reporters Without Frontiers. Read the full article in Tunezine.

Many Tunisians were outraged by the jailing of blogger Zouhair Yahyaoui. In this 2003 photo, Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui stands beside a poster of his incarcerated nephew. Zouhair Yahyaoui died shortly after his release from prison. (Mohamed Hammi/Reuters) Read the full article by the Comittee to Protect Journalists





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