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Please get from here the most essential of the above files:

Dialog-Culture –  Salons – a preliminary introduction and this old page with the first proposal for an Anna Lindh Salons in Berlin. – just keept at this time for the records and provide an idea how we intend to bridge dialogues, deliberations, encounters and peacemaking efforts.

The 1st Salon was done as an informal “kick-off”  in the CASALOT with the Combatants for Peace.

2. SALON: !  INVITATION for Sunday, June 19th, 12.00 hrs in the CASALOT

Some  2nd Salons will take place June 17-24 with a special guest from Tunis, Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui. We will need to remember the 10th Anniversary of maybe the most critical letter he wrote in is life on July 6, 2001  to his president Ben Ali   ….. and see what it has to do with the Elections in Tunesia this autumn…. See  High Commission and latest news here.  See also his  Chatham House presentation from London 4 weeks ago. Profile/Article in French (PDF)

This is the official annoncement by the German Anna-Lindh-Network in the context of the Anna-Lindh-Foundation Alexandria travel support as part of: „Believe in Dialogue – Act for Citizenship“. Believe in Dialog Act for Citizenship

Please ask for the lecture programme between June 17-24 in Berlin and Hamburg – later Paris.

I recommend: German Arab Friendship Society event  Thursday, June 23, 18:30 hrs in Berlin and this PRESS CONFERENCE June 22 for collegues.

Please take note:  Salons or roundtables – did take place before during the last 20plus years ! in our context and areas old as “Community” – This page is only about Salons we do under the “umrella” of intercultural EuroMed region Dialogues and what they cound mean to other regions, what we can learn from others and what we can offer and share.

Our group facilitated for example the:

2010 Anna-Lindh Forum 2010 in Barcelona

Magic Roundtable Rundgespräche während des Anna Lindh Forums 2010 in Barcelona (PDF) see also BLOG

Report from Farah Lenser in Weimar also including the Media Roundtable

SALON as a name to use came up  when we within the Institute of 21stCentury Agoras had preparatory meetings in Tirana and Munich, where we with my collegues from Nicosia – (see GLOBAL AGORAs GROUP and FUTURE WORLDS CENTER) discussed MEDINAS and AGORAS (See: Act beyond Borders) in the preparation  process for and in Barcelona  - were we said the name for such civil and cultral gatherings in our “hemisphere” should be called “SALON” – and we were thinking with for example with the BERLIN SALON concept to make it real and have done an extraordinary salon event – combining The World Cafe – and Magic Roundtable method in Bochum  at the Ruhr Trienale INTERKULTUR event with UNESCO etc. see the report.

and to mention it again, the culture-creative Roundtables within PNW and the Magic Roundtables as part of the Open-Forum exercise.

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