Dialogue Culture is a profound matter – I will add more on myths and dogma “around” dialogue below.

In many cultures it is a highly respected art, and around the world, we see a renaissance of large group dialogue processes… world café and open space are only the best known. There has been a lot of research of intercultural dialogue wisdom with a lot of benefit for building cohesion, understanding and cooperation.

References  are available via the 21stCentury Agora site, the Open-Forum project  - re-inventing democracy – Magic Roundtables of PNW, and further background materials and references.

We have produced around the question of formats and entrepreneuship this little video-clip (90 seconds) which with background music from whiteflag music in 3 languages (English, Hebrew, Arabic) explores the theme of TALK versus COMMUNICATION. Enjoy:

Entrepreneurship Summit 2010: Farah Lenser & Heiner Benking from entrepreneurship on Vimeo.

The part on Myths and Dogma around Dialgue I have moved to the 21st Century Agoras site:

But before I propose to check the Background Papers to get a broader picture.

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