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The Mediterranean at Home – Diversity ALife  (my blog) 

Pls see the Invitation Flyer: (PDF)  the official Video as just released.

As an aside as reported in this blog about Dialog, Talk, Communication, Deliberation and Conflict Resolution/Peeacemaking please note:

Impressions of what me mean with our dialogues, conversations and encouters can be found here: Please also check the music and its theme about TALK versus CONVERSATION. more can be found at our
It is from the Entrepreneurship Summit 2010. This is the original at VIMEO:
Last years Entrepreneurship Summit Open-Space and Magic Roundtable with the Pitchers around Speed Dating is still pending – ask and come back. ******

We did a few video shots about the challenges of migration and exclusion, studies projects with our rafts and boats to form floats and islands (with PNW) and did a “Salon“.
I recommend my DRAFT:  SPOONS AND FEATHERS  I hope you enjoy it and we can share more about  Talking and Communication – Dialogue and Deliberation and the inner principles and Phenomena around Sharing versus Splitting and why Empowering and Encouraging as to be part of a lasting societal and cultural exchange. More about this also on our INBAK website  where sharing books and media and what that means in the area of Education, Vocational Training and Community Building. Sees also the AGORAs and Future Worlds Center website where I provide a lot of references and material on my personal profile site.

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